Yep. It's defintely more fun in Subic. is dedicated only to the Subic Tourist Area know as Barrio Barretto. It doesn't include the Subic Freeport Zone which is generally more upmarket with 5 star hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. The heart of Barrio Barretto is along the National Highway, some side streets and along Baloy Long Beach. See Map and Guide Sections below.


Map dated July 2016. This is the most comprehensive map, and fun. Like most tourist areas, smaller establishments change hands, get renamed. Bigger establishments remain the same. Click on the map where you want to enlarge. Or download to your graphics editor.


Darts in Subic

Darts activities in Subic. Leagues and League Tables. Daily Dart Competitions. Developed.


Pool in Subic

Pool activities in Subic. Leagues and League Tables. Daily Pool Competitions. Developed.


Scuba Resorts in Subic

Scuba resorts in Subic. Under development.


Rooms in Subic

From Rooms to B&B's to Luxury Hotels. And everything in between. Under development.


Dinning Out in Subic

Where to eat in Subic. Under development.


Bars in Subic

Where to go drinking in Subic. Under development.


Music Venues in Subic

Where to listen to Music in Subic. Under development.